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and over 2000+ more! The only thing you need to watch the shows is an internet connection. No extras to purchase. It works in any country all around the globe.

I’ve been using this service for over 6 months and if it wasn’t good I wouldn’t put my reputation on the line and posting about this product. Don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself! The banner below or above will bring you to the download page.

I’m sure you all know by now that when you get that brand new TV out of the box the picture is never ‘quite’ right and it takes a lot of guesswork to get it there. Well Pixel Protector seems to take the guesswork out by giving you really simple setup tools that guide you through the complicated process of getting the best picture out of your new screen; including test patterns, screen washes and they have also included some really high quality screen savers on the disk.

To quote from their site:

Whether your screen is new or you purchased your TV 3 or more years ago, PixelProtector™ is an essential tool for removing screen burn, correctly calibrating the screen for optimal performance and gaining the best possible picture your unithas to offer.

At $40USD or £25GBP PixelProtector looks to be a cheap and easy way to setup and maintain your new screen and we think well worth the investment.

Check the site out at http://www.pixelprotector.com

It shows how far the Home Theater revolution has come when we speak of a 42 inch television ad the baby of the line. The S4266W is exactly that thought, the smallest screen size in the DLP lineup from Samsung. It has 720p resolution and 2,500:1 contrast ratio and the floating screen “no cabinet” style. All of Samsung’s DLP televisions at the time of this writing have either that package, or they have 1080p with 10,000:1 contrast ratio. It could be considered that one is the upscale package, and the S4266W has the downscale package, but this is not really the truth. The 720 progressive scan and the contrast ratio over two thousand are still way ahead of average for a HD television. The exclusive Brilliant Color technology is here with the exclusive Cinema Smooth light engine. Samsung also has a color wheel that is larger than normal and spins at 14,400 rpms. It also contains five segments rather than the normal four and it works with a micro mirror system that uses Next Generation DLP chips from Texas Instruments.

There are two ten watt SR5 TruSurround XT hidden speakers, and the connection array features two HDMI connections which are about the best way to hook up the television to the other components of a Home Theatre. The PC inputs allow the television to be converted into a large DLP WUXGA PC monitor. Samsung does not speak much of gaming when discussing their DLP line, but the color technology and high speed processing of these units actually do lend themselves to gaming, and the connectivity is there to make this an excellent game monitor, too. It may be the baby of the Samsung DLP line, but the S4266W is an example of why Samsung DLP televisions deliver a razor sharp picture with realistic color and very little distortion regardless of the type of image.

This is a 50 inch screen unit in the thin bezel style cabinet featuring the very best technology that Samsung has to offer in its DLP line at the current time. There are only two exceptions to this. The S5086W supports 720p progressive scan resolution and a 2,500 to 1 contrast ratio. Both are a bit shy of the 1080p resolution and 10,000:1 contrast ration found on some of the other DLP televisions by Samsung. Samsung’s idea seems to be to give the consumer a wide variety of options and prices to best match his own needs and budget. The exclusive Cinema Smooth light engine and the Digital Natural image engine (DNle) ensure the very best High Definition signal processing and results in a crystal clear picture that is stunning in its detail. The Color is enhanced with a 10 bit processing system and Samsung’s unique color wheel that has five segments and is larger than the older style wheels.

The SR5 TruSurround XT speakers are 10 watt surround speakers hidden in the cabinet, and match audio quality to the high quality picture. The input/output array is complete, but many Home Theater owners need little more than the two HDMI interface inputs. These connections allow easy hook up of all components without the normal mess of wires behind the television. Like most of the DLP televisions made by Samsung, there is a PC input and the unit can serve as an oversized computer monitor. This feature will become more and more critical to the Home Theater enthusiast as computers move more and more into the video and audio download area. Also, like most Samsung DLP televisions, there is a V-Chip parental control device that allows certain programs to be blocked. The Samsung also has a very interesting feature called “My Color Control” that allows three primary colors to be adjusted separately.

The first thing that jumps out at you when you consider the S4676S is that second S at the end of the stock number. It is the key to understanding what this model is all about. Plasma and LCD televisions make a big deal about their slim profile and the fact that they will fit anywhere and can even be hung on the wall. It is often a critical factor in their competition with the DLP, or Digital Light Processing, models that require a little space in the rear of the unit for its mirror array and color wheel. This model is Samsungs experiment in slimmer design. It can not reach the dimensions of LCD televisions, of course, but the depth is only 10.4 inches and the weight is a mere 46 pounds. The cabinet is a bezel shape that is designed for fitting in corners and Samsung brags that this one can also be hung on the wall, and sells mounting brackets for it.

The approach is interesting and shows Samsungs idea to try to make a model for every taste and need. Since they planned this one to attract the slim profile and hang on the wall crowd, they did not make the S4676S to appeal to the person demanding state of the art in other areas. The resolution is 720p progressive scan and the contrast ratio is 2,500:1 and both of these are below Samsung’s best. This is not too bad of a thing, however, as the Samsung DLP basic package is still quite impressive. The Cinema Smooth light engine and the improved five segmented color wheel still make this DLP an impressive HD unit. The input/output arrays, in keeping with the space theme, are mounted on the side. They include two HDMI inputs and PC computer inputs. This is an excellent television designed to compete in a very specific niche of the market.

It shows how far we have come in the area of HD wide screen televisions when we think of a 50 inch screen as being one of the “smaller” models. The S5065W has a 50 inch screen set in Samsung’s “floating screen” cabinet design. This design is really just their way of saying the screen more or less stands alone with a minimal frame. This model does not support the top resolution, but does support 720p progressive scan. The contrast ratio is 2,500:1 also. It is important to consider, when shopping for a Samsung DLP, is that this is not the best they can do. Samsung’s marketing concept is to provide a variety of choices at different prices. The drop from the highest resolution and the significant drop in contrast ratio are the two areas where price cutting has taken place. The only real way to measure how an individual is going to react to this is to view the picture. If you can do this side by side, it would be best. When you have seen the difference in picture quality, then check the cost.

Much of what makes Samsung a leader in DLP technology is still packed into this model. Samsung has an exclusive Cinema Smooth light engine and uses Next Generation DLP chips from Texas Instruments. Their color wheel, which is the heart of the DLP color system, is larger and faster than most. The audio is provided by two 10 watt surround sound speakers hidden in the unit. The input/output array features two HDMI inputs and PC inputs to let your DLP double as a HD computer monitor. One nice and fairly unique feature of Samsung DLPs that is included here is “My Color Control” which is actually three individual color and tint adjustments. This allows you to adjust the three primary colors separately. The DLP rear projection type of setup keeps the units from having the flat profile of an LCD television, but this is hardly noticeable to someone used the massive CRT backed televisions of the past. This unit has a depth of only 14 inches which should not create a big problem in finding the right place in your home.

Here is a secret if you are really one of those serious types who will settle for nothing but the best. When you look at the stock number on a Samsung DLP, look for that number 88. When you look at the number, S5688W, the 56 shows you the screen size, and the 88 tells you that everything Samsung knows how to do to make a DLP better is included in this model. The list is long. The Cinema Smooth light engine, the Digital Natural image engine (DNle), and Next Generation DLP chips from Texas Instruments are examples. Color is enhanced with a 10 bit processing system. The DLP, or Digital Light Processing, uses thousands of tiny mirrors reflecting light through a color wheel to fire the pixels. Samsung features an improved five segment color wheel that is a bit larger than standard and spins at 14,400 rpm. The resolution is 1080p progressive scan. What that all means is that the S5688W will show you just how far we have come in High Definition television. The picture and color on this unit is about as good as it gets.

Samsung does not skimp on the accessories either. The speakers are their best 10 watt SR5 TruSurround XT speakers. There are two of them and they are hidden in the bezel style designed cabinet. There is a complete input/output array featuring two HDMI inputs that allow one cable hookup to most Home Theater components. It is also compatible with your PC with an input that converts the unit into a large WUXGA computer monitor. The 88 series also has an optional stand designed for a DLP. The TR50XB is the stand that can accommodate the HL-S5688W.

The 6767W is Samsung’s 67 inch screen entry in the DLP field. It has the simple cabinet design they call “floating screen” which really means new cabinet at all. It is fully loaded with all of Samsung’s advanced DLP technology. This includes their exclusive Cinema Smooth light engine and a Digital Natural image engine (DNle). The use of Next Generation DLP chips from Texas Instruments and a 10 bit processing system with a unique 5 segment color wheel assures the best quality HD image possible. The 1080p resolution allows the reception of any HD signal available today.

The majority of Samsung Televisions feature two 10 watt hidden speakers, and this is what you get here. The input/output array is excellent also. Although there are two HDMI inputs that can handle just about any connection need, there are also inputs for just about any other connection format. This includes a USB port and a PC connection. A television like this one has a lot of uses that go beyond just watching television. The use of DVD’s have made televisions into movie screens, and the new gaming systems demand HD capacity to fully realize their potential. The Personal Computer is expanding its role as part of the total Home Entertainment package also. Samsung has engineered its DLP televisions into units that excel in all of these areas. The HL-S6767W is a good example of this engineering. It certainly sits on the cutting edge of technology and has taken the whole concept of television into a new era.

Samsung offers a good selection of DLP, digital light processing, televisions. It is not just in screen size either. The idea seems to be that the price is going to be a limiting factor for many buyers, and so they offer a lower price model. The 65 in the stock number of the HL-S6165W indicates that this is that lower priced 61 inch screen model. The cabinet is very basic. Samsung calls it a “floating screen” design, but it really means there is no cabinet to speak of. The big difference from a technical standpoint is that the 6165W does not support 1080p resolution. The resolution is 720p which is a progressive scan format, and although it is not as well suited for the new wave of HD video, it is still capable of handling the majority of HD signals. Samsung’s Cinema Smooth light engine and its new and improved color wheel system is included. The contrast ration drops also to 2,500:1 and the two ten watt hidden speakers are also not the top of the line surround sound found on the upscale model.

It is a little unfair to view this model from a point of view of what it does not have, and it does have the full array of input/outputs that are one of the Samsung strong points. It includes two HDMI inputs and they are the best available for Home Theater hookups. It also includes a handy USB port, and is fully PC compatible. The weight is just under 100 pounds, and its depth with the floating screen design cabinet is on 18.4 inches. The bottom line is that this model costs considerably less than the other 61” screen models. When you view the picture, and when this large screen HD is in your home, you are not going to miss or notice the difference unless you are very tech orientated. It is going to be your call.

The 6188W is Samsung’s fully loaded offering in a 61 inch screen size. It is packaged with a bezel design cabinet. It features Next Generation DLP chips from Texas Instruments and Samsung’s own exclusive Cinema Smooth light engine. The resolution is 1080p progressive scan which can handle all HD formats. The Samsung DLP models pay a lot of attention to color. This model has a 10 bit processing system, and the color wheel that is a major part of the DLP technology has five segments rather than the normal four. The color wheel is also larger than normal and spins a bit faster at 14,400 rpms. The colors produced by this improved technology really have to be seen to be appreciated. There is virtually no distortion even on rapidly changing images such as found in sporting events and actions shows.

Samsung equips most of their HD televisions with two 10 watt surround sound speakers, and the 6188W is no different. The V-Chip allows parental control, and is just one of the extras included on this model. Two HDMI inputs highlight a complete connection array. This includes a USB port and a PC compatible input that turns this unit into a giant 61 inch computer monitor. The ease of connectivity and the ability to quickly reproduce colors makes this a treat for gamers. The bezel design and a depth of 17.6” makes it easy to find a place for it in your Home Theater set up. The DLP does not have the flat profile that you find on the other HD formats, but this is hardly noticed once the quality of the picture is viewed.

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