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What is Lawn Overseeding?

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Overseeding is required by lawns to preserve its look. If you want your lawn to stay healthy, you need to do this process every so often. Overseeding is required for certain parts of the lawn where there are brown patches. When the grass starts to dry out, you have to prepare yourself to do overseeding.

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However, it is important for you to determine the cause of browning or patching of the lawn before you do anything. Whatever the reason for patching should be addressed first. So if it is caused by insects, you have to do pest control. If it is caused by a disease, then you have to address that accordingly. Overseeding helps in recovering the brown patches of your lawn.

How is Overseeding Done?

Overseeding is necessary to keep your lawn green and lush. It’s the process of covering your lawn with seeds of grass. It also helps in improving the areas that have grass that’s performing not as well. The two most common reasons why you need to oversee your lawn. The first reason is that the grass is fairly thin. The second reason is to prepare the lawn for the winter.

During the winter, warm-season grasses become brown. To keep that from happening, you can overseed the lawn with cold season grass. That way, you’ll have green grass all year round. However, many homeowners overseed their lawns for aesthetic purposes.

Overseeding for a Perfect Lawn

There’s no doubt that an emerald green lawn is what a well-manicured lawn looks like. Green lawns are very attractive. With overseeding, you can get rid of the old worn out look of your lawn and make it nice and beautiful again. Don’t hesitate to hire lawn care professionals if you need help.

However, overseeding can be quite expensive. That’s why you have to carefully prepare the area to get the best possible results and to make subsequent maintenance works easier. Included in right preparation is proper timing so you get the best possible results. Variety is also important. There are different grasses available and the right mix is important so you can make your grass green all year round.

How to Choose the Right Type of Grass

If the grass that you use on your lawn is performing well, then you can use the same variety for overseeding. Otherwise, you’ll have to find either a warm or cold-season grass variety to overseed your lawn. You have to determine the reason why your grass in browning or patching so you can decide accordingly. To help you decide which grass is best, request for premium Athens lawn services.

For example, the reason for patching is the presence of pest like webworms. Aside from doing pest control, try to seed your lawn with the type of grass that can help reduce pest issues. You also have to pick grass types that are suited to the climate in your region. Good choices are Bermuda and zoysia grasses if you enjoy warm season all year round and tall fescue and Kentucky blue for colder areas.

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